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The TRP 500 ComingMay 8th
In the interest of giving you guys something different, I have created a "Nascar-Indy" Type racing game that requires you (the player) to become a race car driver by performing 6 simple benchs during the Qualifying session May 8th~21st (7pm PST deadline)
Bench's used:
Wprime 32
Wprime 1024
Super Pi 1 m
Super Pi 32m (there will be an overclocking bonus attached to this score)
Cinebench single-core
Cinebench multi-core

The overclocking bonus determines the pole position for qualifying (pole position is 1st)
During the Qualifying session there will be a tally kept on the pole position, the rest of your results will be under lock and key til the big race. The big race begins on Sunday the 24th... the same day as the Indy 500 but less important because you can watch both, yes both... At 1pm when the race starts I will give updates on our race every 30 minutes with race commentary and racing graphix projecting the cars in an actual race. Of coarse, racing has it's hazards and bonus's for luck. We have that too.. It's called "the Grid". Each benchmark (or LAP) previously performed will have a listing from 1st to worst..
That listing is placed along side the grid for the players current bonus or deduction and that money value is added to the players "Kitty". The person/player/driver with the most cash wins the race..
"The Grid" will put a twist on the outcome of the race due to the bonus's and Hazzards... So really anyone can win this race. There will be 7 total laps.. The qualifier and 6 others... You can pick your own cars and colors.. The car numbers are assigned by the top qualifier position.

Here's a pick of the short grid used by our 8 beta testers (Thx guy's)














GOOC 2009 by Deanzo

As many of you will know GOOC 2009 is in full swing with many countries completed their internal competitions with the winning competitors moving onto the regional finals to take up one of the four highly sort after positions in the world finals at Computex in Taiwan in June.

For myself I competed in Australia against very tough competition of Dino, Tim and Peter, sadly James was too sick to attend. Dino took out the competition with an extremely strong showing with myself coming second, Peter third and Tim fourth.
Dino and I then parterned up to represent Australasia in the Pan-Asia Africa regional finals, with teams consisting of Australia/New Zealand, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia/Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam
The competition took place on April 5th 2009 in Pantip Plaza Bangkok Thailand. The organisers of this event did an absolutely phenomonal job and this massive IT mall was a buzz of energy with everything that was going on as part of GOOC 2009.
Dino and I had strategised a particular game plan and had key responsibiities that we had prepared for prior to the event, so on the day we knew exactly what each of us had to do and could do it as quick and efficiently as possible. The overclocking gods blessed us for the most part with solid hardware, though we still had one bad graphics card and a borked vista install. With CPU speeds of 5.1ghz for 2D and 4.9ghz for 3D, saw us through to victory at the Pan-Asia regional finals. Now we move onto the world finals where we wil compete against five other teams. Three from the remaining regional finals, the world final winners from GOOC 2008 as well as the freestyle winners from GOOC 2008.

The North American finals will be on the 25th April 2009 in LA, USA, with many of my OCF members taking part. Of the members that I know that are attending so far are El<(')>Maxi, Gautam, rdrash, Ross, sno.lcn, MIAHALLEN and TiTON, so many good friends in attendance, I really do not know who to cheer for, so I wish you all the best, have fun and I look forward to seeing the winners in Taipei in early June.

Here are some pictures from the regional finals in Bagkok, Thailand

James, Big Boss Man from Gigabyte.

Danny, Thailand Gigabyte Sales Manager









Sooo Hot!

Our Rig.







You can check out this vid of the event from Tweaktown.

Some vids I took of some of the goings on.

The Asian finals for GOOC 2009 were held in Pantip Plaza in Bangkok, Thailand where 9 representative country teams battled for top 3 placings and the right to compete in the GOOC 2009 world finals in Taipei in June.


Teams were:
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Malaysia
  • South Korea
  • South Africa
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
With great pleasure to report that our very own forum member and Team Australia combination of Dino (from Team.AU) and Deanzo took out 1st place! The final results were:
  • 1st place = Australia
  • 2nd place = Taiwan
  • 3rd place = Thailand
  • 3DMark Vantage winner = Taiwan
GOOC 2009 Thailand Photos
1st place winners = Team Australia


2nd place = Taiwan


3rd place = Thailand


3DMark Vantage winners = Taiwan


oc12 oc13

oc7 oc14



Forum Wars "Summer Warz" 2009
Overclocking Team Contest... Coming August 1st

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